My Profound Love For North Shore Shrimp

Down at the North Shore, away from the cities and into the blue waters and majestic mountains, I sat on the sidewalk. Then, Along the horizon of the long and open road, came a giant red shrimp truck driving down. From then on, I knew it was a life changing experience.

North Shore garlic shrimp, a plate of eight small cut shrimps, stir fried with garlic butter and spice, served with two scoops of rice and macaroni salad.  Gives tasters like myself the aloha spirit of Hawaii’s shrimp splendor.

The rich, glazed and juicy texture of the shrimp was the best I have ever tasted. Just as how the cold breeze suites the hot climate of the island.  The balance between the richness of the shrimps and the fresh scoops of rice, felt perfect for my taste buds to enjoy.

Having this dish out in the open, beneath the splendors of the real Hawaii, made me proud, simple and humble. In fact I felt it as a sense of belonging, the taste of the dish along with the beauty of this island made me realize that I’m part of the “Ohana”.

If seafood wets your appetite faster than anything. Hawaii’s exquisite and inexpensive North Shore shrimp is a delicacy to be loved.


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