Top five things to do on Kauai on a budget

Kauai or the ”garden island” as it is known, is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. It is the place to go if you are into outdoor activities and exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth. Low on cash? Don’t worry we have found five picks that will not empty your pockets.

  1. Waimea Canyon. This is one of the most stunning sceneries on the island. It is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The best way to get there is by car but it is also possible to reach by bus. There are plenty of places to take stunning pictures and you also find beautiful trails here for hiking, both for beginners and seasoned hikers. See for hiking trails.
  1. Go kayaking. You can rent a kayak and go up the river by yourself, but most people will recommend going on one of the guided tours. A guided tour will often consist of several activities and include lunch. Many companies do kayaking and zip line tour or kayak and hiking tours. See different companies and comparing of prices.
  1. Try a zipline. If you have a daredevil within you this will suit you perfectly. The ziplines are located all over the island and are easy to find. And hard to forget. See adventure Hawaii for
  1. Rope swings. One of them that have been famously swung on in an Indiana Jones flick. This is fun for anyone, regardless of age. You can find them along several of the rivers.
  1. Rent bikes. Renting a bike is cheaper and more eco-friendly, tan renting a car. As well as it is a good work out. Throughout the east coastline there is a paved path for biking. Rent your bikes at Angelo, in Kappa he’ll give you a good discount. A good tip is to pack a picnic basket and take the trip down south to Nukolii Beach Park. It is one of the best beaches on the island and a beautiful place to relax and rest sore muscles after a couple of activity filled days. See for more information.

These are just some of the things Kauai has to offer, however there are endless opportunities of things to do. And it is even more beautiful than you can imagine. So get your hiking shoes on and head for the one of the most lushes places on earth.

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