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Top 4 Most Meaningful 2011 Articles Shared on Facebook

By Kayla Cowan

Facebook is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular social networking sites, but it is not only good for just checking up on one’s family and friends.  Every day, hundreds to thousands of links and articles are shared on Facebook, making it a very prominent source of news information.  Recently, Facebook ranked as the fourth largest source of traffic for News and Media sites, after Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.  Here are some of the most significant articles that were shared this year:
1.   The Disaster in Japan.  CNN published an article recording the tragic results of the disaster in Japan the day after they occurred.  Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake in recorded history, which was followed by an enormous tsunami.  As a result, over 400 people were found dead, and more than 700 others were reported missing.  For the full article, visit:
2.   RIP Steve Jobs.  After Steve Jobs died in October, CNN paid tribute to him through an article that documented his life story.  Some of the highlights of the article included when he founded Apple, how he developed the concept of the personal computer and mouse, and how he oversaw the launch of the ipod, iphone, and ipad.  To read the whole story, go to:
3.   Penn State Alumnae Speaks.  Following the sex scandal that occurred at Penn State last month, war veteran and Penn State alum Thomas Day expresses his opinion in his piece “Penn State: My Final Loss of Faith” on the Washington Post.  Day discusses how he is personally affected by the events that took place, and how they reveal the lack of leadership of the older generation.  To read the full article, visit:
4.  HHS Refuses to Give Teens Access to Plan B.  Yesterday, CBN reported that Health and Human Services refused to lower the age requirement for women who want to purchase emergency contraception.  As a result, teens under the age of 17 can’t buy the Plan B, or “morning after” pill, without a prescription and parental consent.  To view the article, go to:

Overall, these articles are only a few examples of many that have achieved widespread popularity due to Facebook.  Not only does Facebook bring awareness to what is going on in the world, but it also allows people to share their own opinions and encourages them to take action.  In the years to come, Facebook will continue to be one of the most critical sources of news information.
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