Class news letter Team Brokaw

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Thompson Harun 🙂

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Podcast, Final Project

These are the Interviews between me, (Ku’ulei), KyraPihana, and  Chris referring to their thoughts and feelings towards finals week. They also provide their tips and advice. I hope you enjoy their colorful answers!

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Team Bernstein: Blog

TOP 7: Teen Obsessions

By Trond Alund.

Obsessions among teens are created in mysterious ways. There is not a simple answer to explain why different pop-culture phenomenons capture their brains. We have tried to create a list, showing some different video-games, movies, books and similar media publications that the young generation are spending their time on.

Read more here.

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Team Bernstein: Why do teens get obsessed with pop culture?

In the words of Kuda Chinyanya, an HPU student, “Video games are like a man’s food. A man needs three things: the video game, a remote to the TV and a beer in his hand.”

Fans of pop culture genres are obsessive in their own right. Whether it’s video games, book series, TV series, movie series, or social media, teens tend to latch on to something. This gives them the ability to escape from their own reality, whether good or bad, and imagine themselves as different people.

As an 11 year old, you can have a very imaginative and stubborn mind, like Maren Bjørgum did. Her mother brought a book home when it was just translated from English to Norwegian, and Maren flat out refused to read it. She thought it looked stupid. Then she and her family ended up going to their cabin for Easter break. Lo and behold, Maren gets food poisoning and, “My family abandons me in the cold, dark room where I was throwing up.” The only thing they left her with was this book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She was so stubborn it took her two days to give in and by the end of the break she had reread it three times. Now eleven years later at 22, she is still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts.

There are many reasons teens become obsessive with pop culture phenomenoms. Teens want to find a way to fit in and sometimes they do that by getting involved with the most popular item of the day.  Malin Meyer, who is obsessed with the Eragon series, explained another reason as, “To escape from the outside world, it doesn’t have to be because you need to escape from something bad, just to escape to something different.” Or they just are really bored and have nothing better to do but get obsessed.

But the thing is once they latch on and get interested, they fall in love with it. That is where the obsession thrives.

Teens start to collect stuff, like Katharine Davis who is obsessed with the show Sons of Anarchy. She went to a motorcycle convention just to meet the star of the show. She got Charlie Hunnam’s autograph and framed it in her room because she is in love with him. She says, “I would be devastated if anything happened to it.”

They go to midnight premieres, like Maren, who wanted to go to the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie Midnight Premiere and her parents wouldn’t let her. Instead, she snuck out of the house and walked in the rain for 40 minutes to meet her friend. He brought chairs and food and they waited for 12 hours playing wizard chess.

Obsessed teens also play video games for hours on end. Kuda who was so involved in a new video game that he had bought, he and his brother ended up playing it for 48 hours straight!

This is something that teens can love that will never go away in their lifetime. These obsessions, while their “it” time may have passed, will always be there. Books, movies, video games, music, TV shows and any other pop culture phenomenon will be there for them to treasure in the ways they want to.

Teens will be able to remember why they got into these phenomenons. Like Kuda whose obsession with video games started because other people were playing them and he wanted something to talk about with his friends. While Malin Meyer’s obsession started with the look of the book. “I’m not sure if I can explain it. It was something about when I picked up the book – just the cover of it – I just knew that this was something different, this was something else.” These obsessions start with a way to fit in, to socialize with friends, to delve into a world not your own or with just the look of a book. They captivate their life in a way they didn’t seem possible. But once they are involved, they are happy they did.

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Team Bernstein: Video

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4 Important Resources for Financing School

College can be very expensive, but if you go about it the right way it can also be very affordable. Here are some of the main resources that should definitely not be ignored when preparing to pay for school.

1.) The Financial Aid Office 

The HPU Financial Aid office is the best place to go for any financial issues or questions you may have. They also have access to and can give you many of the forms and papers you may need to apply for loans, grants, and scholarships. They have many advisors that can help you to understand and fix any issues you may be having with your school finances.

There are many resources that can be found on HPU’s financial aid webpage such as:

So make sure to take advantage of the Financial Aid office for all that they have to offer.


The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form can be picked up from the Financial Aid office, or it can be done online at The FAFSA website is very useful and resourceful. The FAFSA is very important for all students going into school and is highly recommended

3.) Scholarships

One of the best things a student can do to save money on school, is to get scholarships. Finding scholarships is not a very hard task. HPU also has a Scholarship Office, where you can find out any new Scholarships, or get applications for scholarships that you qualify for. The more scholarships you have, the less money you have to pay back in loans after you get out of school. Taking the time to find, and apply for scholarships can really be more then worth it in the end.

4.) Loans 

Loans are the most common way that students pay for school. Although loans are very practical for college, it is important to be very careful on how you use the money, and how much of it you use. Loan money is basically borrowed money, this means that this money has to be paid back at some point. So it is important to be careful with how you spend the money, because eventually you will have to pay it all back.

Most common loans:

  • Federal Stafford Loans
  • Federal Parent PLUS loans
  • Federal Graduate PLUS loans
  • Private Loans

Click here to find applications for any of the federal Loans

Make sure to watch out for the deadlines on all forms and applications. Paying for college can be tough, but life will be a lot easier if you follow all of resources that you have available.

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Walter Cronkite Team- Meth Project Podcast

The Meth Project Podcast for Megan, Matt, Seree, and Henriette

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Knowledge is the key to paying for a college education

Here’s an article by the Tom Brokaw team on paying for your college education.

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5 Great Adventures for Hawaii college students.

  • 1. Hawaii Beaches; Hawaii has tons of beautiful beaches. College students say their favorite beaches are the North Shore, Sunset beach, Lanikai, Diamond head, and Sandys, These beaches are mostly more local than tourist beaches. the North shore strip however is famous for many of the beaches, sunset and Pipeline are most famous. Sunset for its magical sunsets, and Pipeline for its surfing. Pipeline holds one of the largest surf competitions. People come from all over the world to watch and surf the Pipeline waves. Plus going to the beach is always free.
  • 2. surf lessons; on almost any beach in hawaii you can learn to surf, this is a great adventure for college students on a weekend. Most surf shops have boards you can rent after you learn how to surf as well. Surfing is a great way for a college kid to meet new people that aren’t at their school, an outside world.
  • 3. Skydiving; Skydiving is a more pricy activity, but Pacific Skydiving offers great student discounts. Skydiving over the island of Oahu is a magical experience and college students have nothing bad to say about it.
  • 4. Swimming with the sea life; Oahu offers many chances to swim with the amazing sea life found all around the island. There are programs which you can swim with Dolphins, Stingrays, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Wales, Seals, and even Sharks. At Sea Life Park you have the opportunity to swim with Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Stingrays, Sea Life Park is on the expensive side for the general college student. There are many student discounts available.
  • 5. Nightlife; Hawaii is such a hot vacation spot that year round 7 days a week the nightlife never stops. There are bars, Clubs, and restaurants open 24/7. Hawaii night life is always exciting for college students.
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Final Project Teams

To save time and to keep the teams from becoming too clubby, I chose them, mainly at random, with some attempt to balance strengths, genders, etc.

Walter Cronkite Team

Diane Sawyer Team

Margaret Bourke-White Team

Bob Woodward Team

Carl Bernstein Team

Tom Brokaw Team

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