5 Great Adventures for Hawaii college students.

  • 1. Hawaii Beaches; Hawaii has tons of beautiful beaches. College students say their favorite beaches are the North Shore, Sunset beach, Lanikai, Diamond head, and Sandys, These beaches are mostly more local than tourist beaches. the North shore strip however is famous for many of the beaches, sunset and Pipeline are most famous. Sunset for its magical sunsets, and Pipeline for its surfing. Pipeline holds one of the largest surf competitions. People come from all over the world to watch and surf the Pipeline waves. Plus going to the beach is always free.
  • 2. surf lessons; on almost any beach in hawaii you can learn to surf, this is a great adventure for college students on a weekend. Most surf shops have boards you can rent after you learn how to surf as well. Surfing is a great way for a college kid to meet new people that aren’t at their school, an outside world.
  • 3. Skydiving; Skydiving is a more pricy activity, but Pacific Skydiving offers great student discounts. Skydiving over the island of Oahu is a magical experience and college students have nothing bad to say about it. www.pacificskydivinghawaii.com/
  • 4. Swimming with the sea life; Oahu offers many chances to swim with the amazing sea life found all around the island. There are programs which you can swim with Dolphins, Stingrays, Sea Lions, Sea Turtles, Wales, Seals, and even Sharks. At Sea Life Park you have the opportunity to swim with Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Stingrays, Sea Life Park is on the expensive side for the general college student. There are many student discounts available.
  • 5. Nightlife; Hawaii is such a hot vacation spot that year round 7 days a week the nightlife never stops. There are bars, Clubs, and restaurants open 24/7. Hawaii night life is always exciting for college students.

About leximitchell6593

I'm a cheerleader for Hawaii Pacific University. I love my friends, surfing, and going out
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